Dr. Richard Carmona Award for Visionary Leadership

The Visionary Leadership Award will honor one public safety leader annually, who has made a significant positive impact on their agency or community.

To be considered for this award, nominees must have been involved with: an impactful community program, developed innovative policies/programs for their agency or shown exemplary leadership during a time of crisis.

Learn more about the Award with this video.


Annual award where one Public Safety Leader is recognized for demonstrating a quantitative improvement to the local community or their agency. All nominees must run, manage or be involved in one of the following categories below to be considered for this award. If you are unsure if you qualify, please submit your story to awards@axon.com and the Axon Awards team will review.

Community Programs
Internal Staff
Leadership in Crisis

Award + Event Experience

We will recognize one winner annually at our Axon Accelerate Conference in 2024. The sole winner of the Visionary leader Award will receive the following:

NOTE: This is a First Responder Specific Award and includes but in not limited to the following: Fire/EMS, Law Enforcement (sworn & non-sworn), Corrections.

To nominate a First Responder for the Visionary Leadership Award, please email their story to: awards@axon.com