Constable Judith Solomon

Nominee Name

Judith Solomon

Please tell this officer’s story of how they saved a life or showed exemplary service in the field. Including why this officer should receive a RISE Award.

On February 7, 2022 at approximately 2:00am, Peel Regional Police received multiple 911 calls from panicked individuals advising that a female had been attacked in a 24hr pharmacy in the City of Brampton. Having already worked eight of her busy 12-hour night shift, Constable Judith Solomon #4396 was in the area and without hesitation, immediately proceeded to the scene. As Constable Solomon was arriving at the Pharmacy, new information indicated the injured person had been stabbed in the neck and the culprit was still within the store. Constable Solomon arrived on scene and recognized she needed to act immediately and could not wait for additional personnel to arrive. She entered the Pharmacy alone, immediately located the victim laying on the floor bleeding profusely from the neck and took control of the situation. The victim's condition was critical. The scene was chaotic as witnesses were screaming for help and others were trying to direct Constable Solomon to the culprit. Constable Solomon assessed the entire situation and got to work. Knowing the culprit was still present, bystanders were in harms way, and most importantly, the victim still suffering from a critical injury, Constable Solomon directed a witness to put pressure on the victim's next to slow the flow of blood. Constable Solomon left the victim in the hands of others while she calmly and systematically cleared the store to locate the suspect. Putting her own safety aside and without back up, Constable Solomon methodically cleared each isle eventually locating the culprit at the rear of the store. Constable Solomon used exceptional tactical communications, speaking with clear and concise commands to instruct the culprit to surrender. When safe to do so, Constable Solomon approached and arrested the culprit without incident. Constable Solomon secured and escorted the culprit to the front of the store where she was able to turn custody over to arriving officers so she could continue to administer life-saving first aid to the victim. While administering first aid, Constable Solomon continued her calm approach with the victim by speaking to her, asking questions, reassuring that she would be ok all to ensure she stay conscious. As additional units arrived on scene, Constable Solomon continued to administer first aid, while directing officers to secure the knife used in the attack. Constable Solomon then briefed the first paramedics on scene and the victim was transported to a local trauma centre in life-threatening condition. Due to the first aid rendered at the scene, the victim will make a full recovery. This nomination is being submitted because Constable Solomon should be recognized for her quick and decisive actions. She was able to assess the rapidly unfolding situation, administer life-saving first aid tactics and take the culprit into custody. She did all of this towards the end of her 12-hour night shift and what is most impressive is Constable Solomon was able to perform at this level with less than 2 years of frontline policing experience.