Deputy Sheriff Clay Geidner

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Clay Geidner

Please tell this officer’s story of how they saved a life or showed exemplary service in the field. Including why this officer should receive a RISE Award.

On August 7th, 2021, a United States Postal Service rural mail carrier was senselessly murdered in Banks County, Georgia. A subsequent investigation yielded the identity of the suspected shooter and a manhunt ensued. At approximately 1800 hours on the same date, the suspect was seen driving on Georgia Highway 51 in the same vehicle that had been identified at the original crime scene. Deputies attempted to perform a traffic stop on the vehicle, but the driver fled to elude the stop. After a brief vehicle pursuit, the lead deputy performed a PIT maneuver on the vehicle which caused it to leave the roadway and come to a stop. The suspect immediately exited the vehicle armed with a rifle and began shooting at Deputy Geidner striking his vehicle multiple times, including bullet impacts in the front of the vehicle, through the windshield, and several in the driver’s headrest. Deputy Geidner was able to return fire with his patrol rifle while maneuvering around to the opposite side of his vehicle for cover. After a brief firefight, the suspect was struck and deputies were able to take him into custody. During the entire incident, Deputy Geidner kept a calm demeanor, and due to his bravery in the face of gunfire a dangerous criminal was taken into custody.