Deputy Sheriff Michael Wade

Please tell this officer’s story of how they saved a life or showed exemplary service in the field. Including why this officer should receive a RISE Award.

Deputy Wade was dispatched to a critical incident where a 3 year old child was riding on a lawn mower with a grandparent. The child fell asleep and fell off the lawn mower and was struck by the lawn mower blades. The mower caused a life threatening injury to the child's arm in which it was nearly severed off. Upon Deputy Wade's arrival he assessed the seriousness of the injury and immediately deployed a tourniquet on the child's arm. Deputy Wade was the first responder on scene and maintained critical care until EMS arrived. Per emergency room doctors Deputy Wade was credited with saving the child's life by limiting the loss of blood. Additionally doctors were able to reattach the child's arm giving him limited use of it. The child suffered the loss of one finger. Deputy Wade followed up with the family approaching the holidays and visited with the child bringing Christmas gifts to the child while checking on his injury status.