Town of Perinton Recreation and Parks Advisory Board

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Town of Perinton Recreation and Parks Advisory Board

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The Pines of Perinton is a 500 unit apartment complex located in the Town of Perinton, NY, a suburb of Rochester, NY. The Pines provides affordable housing for individuals and families based on income. Recognizing a need for programming for children who reside there, The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) worked collaboratively with The Town of Perinton Recreation Department, as well as the management at the complex to bring a summer program to the kids at The Pines in their own backyard. This past summer on every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, Recreation Supervisor Mike Clark brought a truckload of gear, a tent, water and several assistants to the Pines to bring recreation programming to the kids. The first few weeks, about 20 kids ventured up the hill for some fun. Then word caught on and the numbers increased to about 40 registered kids. MCSO deputies maintained a consistent presence at the event, forging positive police-community relations. The program included demonstrations from Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement agencies. “The success of this program will not only impact the youth, but also our deputies,” Captain Scott Alberti, MCSO said. “I myself found it very rewarding to attend one of these sessions and play a game of dodgeball with the kids. MCSO is proud of this startup program and is grateful of the work accomplished by its community partners.”

If selected as a winner, how will the $7,500 prize money be applied?

If awarded the funds, the money would be used to enhance the summer program, and help pay for field trips. Many of these families cannot afford extra activities such as canoeing, bowling, skating, or even attending the movies. The funds would be used to support this.