The Detective Brian “Smiles” Simonsen Memorial Foundation

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The Detective Brian “Smiles” Simonsen Memorial Foundation

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Tell us a little more about this organization. Please include detailed ways in which this organization makes strides to make a positive impact in their community and what future goals are for this organization.

After Det. Simonsen was killed in the line of duty 2.12.19 the Simonsen Foundation was formed. The main goal was to bridge community and police. To smile and do good. Since inception the foundation has been able to provide 5 K9s ballistic vests, donated $10,000 to the LI marine aquarium during the pandemic, awarded five $5000 scholarships, donated over $15,000 to the church school in queens where Brian’s memorial masses are held. Hosted a family fun day in Richmond Hill for the community and police to come and get to know each other sharing smiles. They have done shop with a K9 for the last two years providing children with presents they would never be able to attain. Also partnered with the NYPD and Christopher’s Voice for Autism Awareness. Donated $10,000 to the warrior ranch which is for wounded veterans to assist with PTSD.

If selected as a winner, how will the $7,500 prize money be applied?

The money will go right back into the community. Either providing a local department with a K9 kennel or assisting with a expense at the school.