Okanogan County Community Coalition

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Okanogan County Community Coalition

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Tell us a little more about this organization. Please include detailed ways in which this organization makes strides to make a positive impact in their community and what future goals are for this organization.

This group works on prevention programs for underage substance abuse programs. They have partnered with law enforcement to engage us in public events, the schools, and a general opportunity for positive interaction with law enforcement. This program supports multiple agencies, sheriff, police, and state agencies. In addition they support establishment checks for sales to youth. They provide eyes into new products, trends, and health implications of new products. They partner with the entire gambit of social services, youth resiliency programs, Okanogan Health District, Emergency Room, the entire school district. Billboard advertising to print and radio adds using local law enforcement, students, and community members to message prevention programs to youth

If selected as a winner, how will the $7,500 prize money be applied?

I am the submitter, Chief Dan Christensen. Stacey Okland is the executive director. I am most certain she would apply it towards the youth support programs, after school and their needs.