Pasco Sheriff's Office

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Pasco Sheriff's Office

What organization / program will receive the award funds

Pasco Sheriffs Office

Tell us about how this agency has made an impact in the community. Has this agency been working on a specific community project- or have goals to complete one? Please be detailed.

PSO has made it a priority to meet the community where we’re most needed. PSO’s motto “We Fight as One” is all of us, citizens and PSO, working side-by-side to make our county a safer place for all to live, work and play. During the COVID-19 pandemic, PSO recognized that some of our communities were in need of stable food sources, so PSO initiated free food distributions and reached out to partners like local churches and other groups, such as the Pasco County NAACP, to help coordinate these. In 2021, several PSO units developed an idea for a hygiene items drive, after PSO’s School Resource Officers noticed the need to have such items available for students that may not have these basics at home. This drive stocked supply closets at Pasco schools with many items readily available to students. In 2019, PSO created the Behavioral Health Intervention Team, which reaches out to high utilizers of emergency services to connect them to community-based resources and dismantle barriers for issues our citizens may face, such as houselessness, mental health issues and more. PSO is also working towards opening its first community office at a local shopping mall to provide a safe, interactive space for all to enjoy time with the deputies that serve their community. Deputies often identify needs, great and small, that have the opportunity to make a difference on our citizens. From a simple high five at a gas station, to creating events like Tip-A-Deputy to raise money for cancer research, PSO has focused its efforts on making a positive impact in whatever way we can. While these are just a few examples, it highlights PSO’s very nature of making a difference wherever and whenever it can.