Sgt Mark Tappan

Nominee Name

Sgt. Mark Tappan

Please tell this officer’s story of how they saved a life or showed exemplary service in the field.

Sgt Tappan is a K9 handler for Alpharetta Police Dept in Alpharetta, GA. Mark has created a relationship with the community with his K9 partner through in person contact and social media. Mark has shown the world how an officer and K9 team depend on each other for getting drugs off the streets, for finding missing persons, not to mention aiding in arrest of violent criminals. The bond an officer has with their K9 partner is based on trust and continued training. Mark's social media presence shows us how fund raising from the community is needed for funding K9 units. Mark has raised money on social media from his followers to do things for example, to leave large surprise tip to someone on a holiday working hard to take care of family. I, personally show up for fund raisers like the annual 5K from three counties away because the Alpharetta K9 unit is dear to my heart and has been for years. This team brings positive energy inspiration and love to so many people. They also help bring police & communities together.

Why should this officer receive the RISE Officer award?

Sgt Mark Tappan & K9 Mattis should receive this award because they have through their work together made the world a better more positive place. They also have shown us all the human side of the badge.