Officer David Cole

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Officer David Cole

Please tell this officer’s story of how they saved a life or showed exemplary service in the field.

My 8 year old daughter use to be very scared of police officer's. Not sure why. I tried everything to make it better. We met K9 Merlin and his handler officer Cole of the Killeen Police Department in Texas in November 2019 during a Christmas event. My daughter was healing from a Traumatic event at that time and K9 Merlin put a smile on her face. Almost 2 years later in her words "officer Cole and Merlin feel like family!" She is not scared of police officers anymore. Wants to say hello to each one and of course K9s. Officer Cole and K9 Merlin always put a smile on her face and it helped her heal on top of it. Can't thank them enough.

Why should this officer receive the RISE Officer award?

He made a huge impact in my daughter's life during a very hard time.