Deputy Eddicus and Officer Kostohryz

Nominee Name

Deputy Eddicus and Officer Kostohryz

Please tell this officer’s story of how they saved a life or showed exemplary service in the field.

On March 17, 2021 deputies assisted a neighboring agency with a fleeing stolen vehicle. As Deputy Edeburn responded to assist the other agency his squad was hit broadside by the fleeing stolen vehicle. The stolen vehicle was driven by a repeat offender with a felony warrant for fleeing police in a motor vehicle. As other deputies arrived in the area they saw a large cloud of dust and the accident. Deputy Edeburn's squad was fully engulfed in flames. Deputy Edeburn was unable to exit his squad on his own, Deputy Eddicus and Officer Kostohryz extricated Deputy Edeburn from the burning vehicle and dragged him to safety (Deputy Edeburn is at least 6'4" tall while Deputy Eddicus is approximately 5'7"). Deputy Edeburn suffered a broken knee cap, broken toe, fractured ribs and a bruised lung. He has undergone multiple surgeries, not able to return to work yet.

Why should this officer receive the RISE Officer award?

Deputy Eddicus and Officer Kostohryz saved Deputy Edeburn's life when they pulled him from a burning vehicle. I nominate both Deputy Eddicus and Officer Kostohryz for the Axon Rise Award.