Police Activity League of Waterbury, Inc

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Police Activity League of Waterbury, Inc

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Tell us a little more about this organization. Please include detailed ways in which this organization makes strides to benefit the community, who is impacted and what future goals are for this organization.

The mission of the Police Activity League of Waterbury, Inc. is to promote partnerships between youth, police and the community. The mission is achieved through the development and implementation of educational, athletic and recreation programs designed to encourage positive relationships among law enforcement and the community that PAL serves. Programs provided emphasize education and learning as well as participation in team and individual sports/activities. The goal of the Police Activity League of Waterbury, Inc. to enable all young people, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, income, gender, sexual orientation or disability, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens. The interaction with police officers in a positive setting provides a basis for trust and respect. PAL believes that when a child can respect the police officer on the field, in a classroom or in the gym, that same child is more likely to respect the laws the police enforce. In addition, PAL supports the needs of the Waterbury community through numerous year round events focused on serving residents and hosted at the PAL facilities.

If selected as a winner, how will the $7,500 prize money be applied?

If selected, the prize money would be used towards supplies and staffing of our Homework Haven program that provides tutoring and mentoring services to at risk youth.