Garland Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (GCPAAA)

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Garland Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (GCPAAA)

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Tell us a little more about this organization. Please include detailed ways in which this organization makes strides to benefit the community, who is impacted and what future goals are for this organization.

In 1993, the GCPAAA was founded as a stand-alone, non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The group is independent of the Garland Police Department, but exists to provide an avenue for continued involvement for the CPA graduates who wish to give back to their department and community. The GCPAAA is an all-volunteer organization comprised of people whose interest in law enforcement and appreciation of the Garland Police Department brings them together in service.

If selected as a winner, how will the $7,500 prize money be applied?

The money will likely to towards all the police and community support the organization does throughout the year in an effort to make the City of Garland the best and safest city.