Franklin County Sheriff's Office

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Franklin County Sheriff's Office

What organization / program will receive the award funds

Sheriff's Office / Engagement Committee

Tell us about how this agency has made an impact in the community. Has this agency been working on a specific community project- or have goals to complete one? Please be detailed.

In 2020 our office formalized a community engagement committee of different staff across our three divisions. This team, since formed, has become somewhat of the golden standard in our community for engaging our citizens and seeking out meaningful opportunities to promote our offices Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Our office has participated in events such as: *Fishing with fathers at local nursing homes on fathers day. *Giving flowers to mothers from local nursing homes on mothers day. *Community parades, to include birthday "drive-by" parades for children *Career fairs and other community events like National Night Out and local health/kids days *Benefit rides and walks