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City of Walla Walla Police

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City of Walla Walla police foundation

Tell us about how this agency has made an impact in the community. Has this agency been working on a specific community project- or have goals to complete one? Please be detailed.

The Walla Walla Police Foundation has established a community care fund to provide emergency financial assistance to community members in need. Community members in need could victims of crimes such as domestic violence or human trafficking, or someone that just needs a handup, a hotel room for the night, or a tank of gas to get out of town to escape an abusive relationship. WWPD Officers in years past have routinely reached into their own pockets to help those in need. The Walla Walla Police Foundation with help from its Community Partners will provide officers discretionary funds to assist a community member in need. Our department has started several programs reaching out to our citizen's and becoming involved. block Watch Parties, Parades, National Night out. Our police foundation helps people in need and gives authority to officers on the street to make purchases to assist every day citizens. During May 20, 2021, off-duty officers from the Walla Walla Police Department, representing the Walla Walla Police Foundation spent the early morning into the early afternoon cleaning up a local property. This home in the Eastgate area of town was in disrepair and the family inside was lacking some basic needs. Officers learned the woman living there was widowed and raising her children on her own. So the Foundation organized the clean-up day. Doors were refastened to frames, appliances were fixed, derelict cars were removed, weeds were whacked, and items were donated to the family. A commercial sized dumpster was filled three times and another load of scrap metal taken off for recycling. For the first time in too long, the family could safely walk through and around their home.